It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and Knowledge.


Our teachers have rich experience at different leading schools and many of them have hold remarkable positions in past schools.Passionate about their subjects, inspiring in the classroom and willing to help and support students every step of the way, our teachers are incomparable. Our team of dedicated support staff make the job of our teachers possible; friendly, accommodating and equally hard working, our staff across all support functions ensure the school runs smoothly and that students are supported in every way possible. Great staff are essential to excellence.

  • Emphasis on Science and Mathematics with provision of special laboratories and specially designed science garden for experiment and investigation.
  • We are Wired, Wireless and Online: Extensive use of technology to enhance learning and teaching (Smart Classes and Hi-Tech computer labs) animations,graphics, images and video clippings are used to make learning interesting and perceptive for students.
  • Week without Walls: Week long trips for children to historical and educational places are arranged to develop communicative skills, leadership qualities and life skills.
  • Surveillance (CCTV) and regular monitoring of children for holistic development.
  • Special Attention Classes are arranged in order to help extremely weak child. Extra study hours are provided to weak students after the school or during the school time so as to cope up with other children. These classes are conducted by the school teachers.
  • Building for the Future: Surmount International School has added one more feather to its cap. From this year (2016) we are starting with foundation & pre- foundation classes for the students from class 9th to 12th. In these classes we would be preparing our students for various national & international competitive examinations such as Engineering, Medical, SAT, IELTS and GMAT etc.
  • Students are given many opportunities to extend their learning through a range of co-curricular activities like dance, elocution, dramatics, guitar, vocal music, tabla. These activities serve as two fold purpose in fostering the personality development in a student. Firstly, it helps in refreshing and rejuvenating young minds. Secondly, it paves way for the recognition and nurturing of hidden and inborn talents.


At Surmount , we don't teach 'classes', we teach individuals. Believing teaching is not a one-size-fits-all automated process, but an intentional and purposeful endeavour. The cornerstone of our approach is respect for each child. Our Pre-school Prodigy is based on Multi Intelligence International Theory. This framework prepares the Indian child to be creative, critical, and divergent thinkers who are able to really 'think outside the box.' In our school, we recognize that by teaching for understanding, our students are encouraged to solve problem, hone their skills, and develop their individual strengths. All these are qualities that will allow students to ride the tide in the information age. Since we understand that every child learns in many ways and each has his own interests and needs, we provide children with multiple access or entry points to a concept through their different intelligence or "smarts". We also do our best not only to provide a holistic curriculum but also to practice "differentiated teaching" inside our classrooms because we understand the differences in interests, needs, and learning styles among the early learners.